A mugshot of Luke Needham

Hi, I’m

Luke Needham

Me stretching across holds while solving a problem on a bouldering wall

I solve problems

I have a passion for problem-solving, which is why I love software engineering. I have professional development experience with Android, web front-end, and games in Unity.

I love Android

I’ve been developing for Android ever since I was 17. I’ve made apps, libraries, launchers, widgets, system keyboards, and much more.

Me as a floppy-haired student sitting in front of my laptop during a Hackathon
Me shaking hands with an important-looking official in ceremonial dress during my graduation

I studied Computer Science

I graduated from Durham University, UK, with a First Class BSc Hons in Computer Science.

I live in the Netherlands

I moved after uni and quickly fell in love with the bikes and canals. I speak native English and conversational Dutch.

Me as a silhouette cycling my typically Dutch bike atop a typically Dutch dike, while the sun sets in the background
Me posing in front of a forest, valley, and mountain range while hiking in Switzerland on a beautiful sunny day

I also have hobbies

I like to dabble in design - including this very website. I also love language, music, bouldering, cycling, and hiking.